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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>> the wood you see in the board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand kof carved out of wood and it is a cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language.
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and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today. >> thank you, and welcome to the november 8, 2010, small business commission meeting. we are joined today by president irene yee rile, kathleen dooley, luke o'brien. some are absent. if any member of the public would like to speak and suggest items for consideration, they may.
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president yee riley: seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners, to make recommendations to the board of supervisors for frontage controls. this is an ordinance amending various parts of the san francisco planning code, detailed in the agenda. commissioners come in your package is the legislative digest along with the ordinance. today, we have a presenter. >> thank you. good evening, commissionaires. i am tom, the executive director, and we have been working with supervisor mirkarimi to put this ordinance together, and we had support from your earlier this year that looks at street frontage and
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districts that allowed mcs to use, so that was commercial districts in the city, the residential-commercial districts in the city, and so on, so on that ordinance, we said we would like to wherever possible foster this idea of a walkable, continuous street frontage, that create pedestrian interest, create safety, and they are commercial areas more
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link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c you
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could not reopen a new neighborhood commercial business, so the idea behind the rto in the market octavia plan, and this is acknowledged in a section of the code that says that existing nonconforming could stay, because they say they are great assets, but they will not let you build any new of them, and that is strange, because in the code, there are prohibited. you're building a new building, and it is on a street corner, yes, you are permitted to put that there, so it is taking an urban pattern that existed from the early part and saying, "let's carry that forward.
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ok? -- ok? " -- oiok. president yee riley: we were talking about areas where we might want to start making new projects have a new diverse size. lombard is a good one for that. -- commissioner: i think that is a good idea when we have these on rentable spaces -- unrentable spaces, dividing them
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up. i think that will be a very important thing. some of bart transit corridors. >> that is a great idea. i was thinking one of the things that might do it is if in the rc district, we had a use size limit. that would be an incentive, certainly.
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in particular, the cells serve restaurants. this is smaller than a typical san francisco lot. we see a lot of ungainly divisions, dividing suspicious -- some spaces that might be too small. a self-service restaurant could be permitted for two dozen square feet or more, which might get you another incentive. this is smaller than the other large spaces that exist. the last thing, of course, is the formula retail uses. i was on a panel with a woman who is doing -- i forget her name, but looking at helping women start businesses in the city, and she said that locally owned businesses are typically
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smaller in footprint than formula of retail businesses, so a use size limit is kind of a natural link up to local phone business -- a natural leg up. commissioner dooley: i think this would also help address the white elephant stores, like the video stores that have gone under. we your people that say, "we have to rent a into a large, formula retail, because they are the only ones to take that large space." this would allow them to use the space is more creatively. >> that is a great idea. i do not have any answers off of the top of my head as to how we can incentivize that, but i would love to work with the staff and supervisor mirkarimi staff. it is an intriguing idea.
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the other thing would be would an owner be worried that when she combine them, you could never not combine them? -- once you combine them? >> right, and it seems like the way things are going, it generally is not going to be the case. it seems that we are going smaller rather than larger in terms of retail use. >> hopefully, and, again, i think the formula retail process in the same direction. -- pulls us in the same direction. president yee riley: district 3, maybe you can talk to supervisor cjhiu. -- chiu. >> actually, a lot of rc is in
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district 3, so i will definitely be talking to supervisor chiu. president yee riley: public comment? >> public comment will be limited it to vote at two minutes. please state your name. >> a couple of things to consider. later on, they wanted to make it bigger again, it usually goes right through planning. i have seen that a couple of times. one thing to consider is, in your talking about van ness and lombard, streets with smaller businesses, what kind of businesses go in there? with a hardware store, loading is a big deal, and where are you
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going to put those trucks to unload in the morning or whenever they are coming? you can impede traffic a lot. one thing to think about also in areas like van ness, you take a big show room car plays -- place, and you used to be able to drive and park your car on the upper floor. if you're going to divide that up into a lot smaller places, where those people going to park? that can be a problem. i think adding something in, attracting something to look forward to in these things. president yee riley: any more public comment? public comment is closed. next item, please. that is right. all right. any more discussion? we have a motion? commissioner dooley: i would
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like to make a motion to recommend approval to the board of supervisors on the zoning consistent street frontage control as they pertain to business districts. i would like to add a couple of commons for consideration. one would be to add that all formula retail would require cu. setting a maximum square footage size before triggering a cu, so, and then, lastly, to consider requiring diversity of different sized storefronts in new projects in order to create a projects in order to create a finer grained texture to the


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